The ultimate camp

The Ultimate Sports Camp in Solihull

Providing fun, professional and elite level coaching in Hockey, Rugby, Cricket, Netball, Football, Tennis and Dance/Gymnastics.

At Super Sports Camps, each player can focus on their number one sport – OR – combine 2 or more sports each day, creating their own ‘Super Camp’, allowing them to become multi-talented, benefiting from the transferable skills gained from the 7 sports.

Professional Sports Coaches

Bringing together professional, qualified and inspirational coaches, Super Sports Camps will provide an unforgettable growth opportunity for players of all abilities; covering the technical, tactical and physical attributes of the 7 sports.

Future Sports Ambassadors

Super Sports Camps will also educate players in Strength & Conditioning, Motivation & Mindset, creating a generation of sporting ambassadors and young role models.

Have Fun and Get Fit

Participants have FUN whilst developing their skills, getting fitter & stronger, making new friends, and developing qualities, such as teamwork, respect, sportsmanship, discipline, determination, leadership and many more…

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